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3 Important Things You Need to Know About Teak Furniture

November 21, 2018 | Teak

Teak furniture is commonly found in Indonesia because of the strength and teak can be found anywhere but you need to know several things before buying.

3 Important Things You Need to Know About Teak Furniture

Every country has its own uniqueness when it comes to furniture especially Indonesia because you can find it in most cities throughout Indonesia. Most of them are teak furniture because this is the popular wood you can find everywhere in the world and Indonesia is one of the homes of teak. It is easy to grow and once it is used, teak’s deforestation will be controlled to make sure is the teak will continue to grow and become the new supply.

The Characteristics of Teak Furniture

Perhaps, not many of you understand or know why teak furniture is so desirable and durable. Teak is found everywhere around the world and Indonesia has a lot of them. That is why, no matter where you buy the furniture, you will find teak wood inside it. You have to know about some important things related to teak so you can don’t only buy but know what you want from it such as:

  • Beauty. What makes it attractive is the color and homeowners search for it by seeing the color. It is perfect and blended well with indoor or outdoor environment. The beauty will be seen from outside the house but it will not disappear at all because it gives lifetime guarantee. It will not suffer or experience rotting at all just likes other woods. If you choose the best quality with good rubber and oil, the result is, you may get the awesome pieces that will decorate your home perfectly without even doing any treatment at all.
  • Strength. Teak belongs to hardwood. It means, durable and strong and it can resist to cold and heat as well. Special for outdoor situation, the wood is made perfectly and stronger. Meanwhile for indoor matter, the wood is made beautifully but it keeps stronger. Using the warm color, it is perfect for indoor point. Basically, you have wider choice to pick and compared to other furniture made of soft wood, teak will last longer no matter what the weather is.
  • Adaptability. Compared to other woods, teak comes in complete benefits such as resistance, warm color, durability, strength and termites to some elements that can damage the wood. That is why, teak is considered to be adaptable in any places, conditions and weathers. It is also water resistant and you can use it for long time even you don’t need to change it anymore. The style of Jepara Furniture is long-lasting so you don’t need to change the style of your interior just to match with the furniture. It is adaptable to any room in your house such as living room, bedroom, dining room, yard, park and more.

Those are 3 things you have to understand about teak furniture especially if you want to have one of them or all Indonesia furniture for your house. Another thing you need to know is the price because it is affordable since teak is not a rare type of the wood. However, if you want to know whether you get the real teakwood or not, you just have to put it outside for about 1 day. If nothing happens to the furniture, this is the real 100% teakwood. Understand it better since not all people know about the types of wood.

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