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Hotel, Restaurant, Villa and Resort Project Furniture

November 18, 2018 | Project

With the development of economic mobility in the world, part of the best preparation for facilities, in this case and also furniture for many functions and uses, is also needed. Facilities used in hotels, restaurants, resorts and villas, residences up to public facilities. Travel for business trips, vacations, etc. that are needed for various facilities, especially in Indonesia Furniture. Therefore, in order to meet these needs, it is also necessary to provide good quality furniture for hotel furniture projects, restaurant furniture projects, villas and resorts furniture projects as well as for other necessities.

When it comes to project furniture, they should know about the types of wood used in making furniture because there are softwood and hardwood.

Project Furniture Wood Has 2 Main Types

Wood is so commonly used for making furniture and almost all types of wood can be used for making furniture. However, when it comes to project furniture, the carpenters or manufacturers must look for the best type because all woods are different and not created equal. The versality, beauty, durability, strength and form are all different. Picking and choosing the right wood material for making furniture is so crucial and critical because it will affect the quality.

Know The Project Furniture Wood Type: Hardwood

Picking the best wood material for project furniture is not easy at all because the good choice will determine the price and also quality. The choice of wood also affects the factor to resale or restore and discard the furniture piece. You have to learn the characteristic along with varieties of wood because basically, there are 2 basic characteristic of the wood you can use for furniture such as hardwood and softwood based on the hardness. This is the best way to differentiate the use of wood.

Hardwood doesn’t mean that the wood is so hard and dense while softwood is so soft. Based on the botanical world, hardwood is resulted from the flowering trees while the soft ones are coming from the conifers. Both types are used for any furniture such as decorative and structural purposes. Hardwood is from Angiosperms such as walnut, oak and maple. Those are the trees that lose their leaves based on time period. They grow slowly but the fibers are denser than the softwood ones and the names of fiber are libriform and tracheids.

Hardwood is so rare and expensive compared to the other one but there are some exceptions too. For instance, gum is the hardwood type and it comes with compatible price compared to the softwood. Hardwood has durability with close grain but the maintenance required is quite low. It has low sap content and it is resistant to fire very well. However, not all hardwood type is perfect to make furniture. Meanwhile softwood is different because it comes from gymnosperms or evergreen trees.

Know The Project Indonesian Furniture Wood Type: Softwood

Trees include in softwood are yew, redwood, juniper, cedar, fir, spruce, pine and more. Evergreen trees are less dense than hardwood. However, it is much easier to cut instead of hardwood trees. Softwood has wood rays and tracheids. Sometimes, it is known as non-porous wood. The characteristics of the tree are light color, higher sap content and loose grain. However, it has weak fire resistance. The lightweight and fine structure makes this type of wood so ideal to make any furniture.

Though not all hardwood types can be used for furniture, many home owners still choose to buy this furniture because of the lifetime. Sometimes, if you go to the luxurious place, then most of furniture you find there is made of hardwood. It is identical with high-end and classy furniture. Meanwhile, around 80% of timber is from softwood. Nowadays, many people who want to save their money just to buy one of the precious hardwood furniture while they have more softwood furniture inside their house.

By knowing the 2 main types of project furniture wood, you can get the best and proper furniture to be placed inside your house.

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