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Indonesian French Reproduction Furniture

February 4, 2019 | Reproduction

Wholesale Indonesian Furniture Reproduction Suppliers available projects that require large amounts of furniture such as restaurants, offices, hotels, parks, porches. Indonesia Furniture is very open to deals with many destinations in furniture industries such as resellers, brokers and the main one is also open negotiation and orders for direct customers, direct contact furniture with suppliers, companies and furniture makers who have long experience in import-export activities to various country.

One of the most in demand is French Furniture Reproductions, making furniture like the original with a model from French Stle design, many enthusiasts for export products to various countries including France itself. Indonesian French Reproduction Furniture is made by the original company Indonesia Furniture located or located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia, a local company but with international standards, has a business network and representatives in many countries to expand its market.

Jepara Furniture is the main place for national furniture production, it has modern production facilities but also has features, maintaining the unique handicrafts of Jepara. In addition, production flexibility is also included in the scale of production, accepting various kinds of custom made, special orders based on customer desires until the customer is satisfied with the results of the final design and production. Everything is done and done by companies and local craftsmen who are experienced in producing various kinds of unique and complex details, capable of working with satisfying results according to the wishes of the buyer.

Returning to Indonesian French Reproduction Furniture, in Jepara this is a manufacturing company producing French style furniture, especially for wholesale purchases, with the main market being the world export market. What is meant by French style, is classic furniture as it was in the era of French empire, around the era of King Louis XV, Louis XVI in the classical French era, giving rise to a thick medieval era atmosphere. Everything is made like the original, and consists of a variety of finishing, whether in original color, or furniture painted with several elegant colors.

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